Transmission Marsienne / 3 Novembre 2011

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Sunset from the Sky

This Week - 11/02/2011

MARS Clip of the Week

MARS Clip of the Week

Take a look at this exclusive MARS footage from Estonia! Catch clips from the recent tour weekly at

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Mars Tattoos
Mars Tattoos Feature
Kirsty Weir has a MARS themed tattoo complete with microphone, triad, and "Closer to the Edge" lyrics.
Do YOU have a Mars-themed Tattoo? Submit your photo, name, and location to Thirty Seconds To Mars Tattoo Archive for a chance to be featured in the next installment of Transmission!
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ALL: VOTE MARS FOR 'Best Alternative', 'Biggest Fans', and 'Best World Stage' for the MTV EMAs
Czech: Vote 'Night of the Hunter Unplugged' at MTV Wishlist
US: Suggest categories applicable to MARS for the O Music Awards
Serbia: 'Night of the Hunter' on MTV Serbia Rock Chart and Top 20
Austria: 'This is War' on GOTV
Brazil: 'This is War' on Multishow
Asia: 'This Is War' on MTV Chart Attack
Greece: vote 'This Is War' for MTV Hit List Hellas
Italy: Vote 'Hurricane' on MTV Fanclub Charts



November 3, 2011 – Vilnius, Lithuania
Siemens Arena (General Tickets) (Golden Tickets)

November 4, 2011 – Minsk, Belarus
Minsk Sports Palace – (General Tickets) (Golden Tickets)

November 7, 2011 – Lodz, Poland
Lodz Atlas Arena (General Tickets) (Golden Tickets)


December 3, 2011 – Schladming, Austria
Planai Arena (General Tickets)

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Triad Global Assault

The California Echelon celebrated both Halloween and MARS with this triad:
Triad Global Assault

Compose the Human Triad image with friends and fellow Echelon in high-traffic or populated areas. Stand, sit, or build a pyramid in a Triad formation. Get creative and submit your photos to the Triad Global Assault Page.
Avatar Art of the Week
Each week we'll showcase some of the best MARS-themed avatars on twitter, facebook, and other social networks.

Congrats to @LoveLives_4ever for her winning avatar design for the MARS EMA Avatar Contest

Design your own avatars to promote voting, upcoming shows, or anything MARS related. You can also use or edit the avatars designed by @thisisthehive.
12 Steps to Mars
Help us spread the word about Thirty Seconds To Mars and the new album, This Is War. Below are the 12 Steps to Mars which you can use on a daily basis to help. Click Here to Read NOW!

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Weekly Picks From the Band

Read of the Week
The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien
The Things They Carried is a collection of related stories by Tim O'Brien, about a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War, originally published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin, 1990. While apparently based on some of O'Brien's own experiences, the title page refers to the book as "a work of fiction"; indeed, the majority of stories in the book possess some quality of metafiction. Even though the characters are based on a work of fiction, they show similarities of real soldiers that O'Brien knew during his time in the war.
Movie of the Week
Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver is a 1976 American drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader. The film is set in New York City, soon after the Vietnam War. The film stars Robert De Niro and features Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, and Cybill Shepherd. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won the Palme d'Or at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival. The American Film Institute ranked Taxi Driver as the 52nd greatest American film ever made on their AFI's 100 Years…100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) list.
Album of the Week
Biophilia - Bjork
Biophilia is the musical project and eighth full-length studio album by Icelandic singer Björk. The album was released on 10 October 2011 over four years after her previous studio album, Volta (2007). The album is "partly recorded" on an iPad and, as well as a standard CD release, will be released in the form of a series of apps.Biophilia will be the world's "first app album" in collaboration with Apple. Björk has described the project as a multimedia collection "encompassing music, apps, internet, installations, and live shows".Material from the album debuted during a concert series which was held in the summer of 2011 at the Manchester International Festival.
Website of the Week
WildAid WildAid's mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection.


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