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Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

VyRT: A Unique Virtual Social Experience

VyRT: A Unique Virtual Social Experience

THANK YOU to the Believers that tuned in for VyRT: THE MARS LABORATORY on April 27! MARS showcased new songs, a few surprise guests, the Mars Monkey, and more!

A re-broadcasting of VyRT will take place on FRIDAY, MAY 4, from 9AM PST to 6PM PST. Only people who purchased VyRT: THE MARS LABORATORY will have access to reVyRT. In order to keep things special, we will not be offering additional sales for this event. Existing VyRT customers will be able to access this via using the unique access codes and usernames originally assigned.

For optimal viewing, a Wi-Fi or hardline internet connection is suggested in Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. For mobile/tablet browsers, it is highly suggested you are connected to a Wi-Fi internet connection.

For inquiries regarding the re-VyRT, please email


Missed the VyRT the MARS LABORATORY live-Tweet spree? MARS launched their Official Instagram account during the VyRT event, and you can now follow the Band's photo stream by searching and following user @30SECONDSTOMARS via mobile app Instagram.

Stomp-stomp-clap along with this week's exclusive MARS Clip, featuring VOX POPULI, live from 2010 - Brighton, United Kingdom:


Click here to watch the footage and leave your comments.

Not sure if you've missed an exclusive video? Watch all of the Clips released via the Official MARS YouTube Channel using the MARS Clips Playlist!
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MARS Facebook Timeline Cover
Gisela's Timeline cover features a fantastic live shot from the THIS IS WAR Tour Era.
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The Official MARS Store
VyRT THE MARS LABORATORY EXCLUSIVES: Autographed Poster, KEEP CALM and F-ING VyRT shirts, AND a Bart Cubbins original! Check 'em out by clicking here.

This week's featured Triad comes all the way from Egypt,
courtesy of @NNegma:

@NNegma's TRIAD Alert
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This hilarious MARS Fanart surfaced not too long after footage of Jared and his friend The Deer was released:
The Deer and his friend... Jared Leto

ERRATUM: Last week's featured CLOSER TO THE EDGE artwork, shown below, was actually created by Jen S. Take a look at her original artwork on Flickr by clicking here.

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Triad Global Assault
Poland ECHELON synched up and took their assault to an all-new level, forming Human Triads in 13 Polish cities!

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Avatar Art of the Week
Adriana shows off her VyRT OR DEATH Avatar, complete with her own Mars Monkey:
@IRA3181's Avatar
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Lurrelin's MARS tattoo features the Glyphs as well as lyrics from a MARS classic, YEAR ZERO:

irsjones' Tattoo

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Read of the Week
Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs - Chuck Klosterman
Countless writers and artists have spoken for a generation, but no one has done it quite like Chuck Klosterman. With an exhaustive knowledge of popular culture and an almost effortless ability to spin brilliant prose out of unlikely subject matter, Klosterman attacks the entire spectrum of postmodern America in Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: reality TV, Internet porn, Pamela Anderson, literary Jesus freaks, and the real difference between apples and oranges.
Movie of the Week
The Ides of March
In The Ides of March, ambition seduces and power corrupts in a nerve-wracking thriller from Academy Award® nominated director George Clooney. Idealistic campaign worker Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) has sworn to give all for Governor Mike Morris (Clooney), a wild card presidential candidate whose groundbreaking ideas could change the political landscape. However, a brutal Ohio primary threatens to test Morris's integrity. 
Album of the Week
Get Ready - New Order
Get Ready is the seventh studio album by the English rock band New Order. Released in August 2001 by London Records, this was the group's first album in eight years, following 1993's Republic.
Website of the Week

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