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Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

This Week - 01/18/2012

From Shannon

What a year, what a year... How can I possibly put in words the feelings, experiences and emotions I've experienced and shared with many of you who maybe reading this now? Hmm... fuggit! I'll just start writing: First, I want to thank the Echelon for their help and support in our journey. Their passion and commitment is like nothing I've ever seen in my life or have been a part of before, so thank you. I love you.

I was given the opportunity to travel to such amazing places like Lebanon to Asia, from Australia to Africa, and everywhere in-between. The journey has opened up my mind and soul—it's hard to put into words. 
Some of my favorite memories were swimming in the seas of Spain with my bro, riding camels in Abu Dhabi, sharing the stage with many amazing bands at festivals, eating and trying different foods, walking and exploring the different cities. The best memory of all is sharing the experience with all of you while I'm up on stage... Nothing compares to that. Until we meet again! Ciao!

The Echelon House Volunteers

MTVact recently featured The Echelon House, one of the first Echelon-based charity endeavors. Click here to read the inspiring interview and catch up on the latest The Echelon House is up to, including Mars "Houses for Haiti"!


This week's MARS Clip features the Band during a live festival performance of Escape in St. Petersburg, Russia. View the footage by clicking here.

We've read your Tour Reviews, and now we want to hear your stories! Record a short video, up to 7 minutes maximum, about your favorite MARS show, why you listen to MARS, or what MARS means to you. Just you speaking to your family: MARS and The Echelon.

We will select one to feature each week on The Transmission. Email your video file to with the subject line: MARS Confessional Video. Include your full name, age, and location. Please do not upload to a video hosting site—email the file directly to us.

Brittany W. recently created a Spotify playlist featuring her favorite Mars Songs from various albums. To check out and share her playlist, click here.

Do you create playlists with some of your favorite MARS songs? Share them with us! Send your Spotify playlist links to us with the hashtag #MARSplaylist on Twitter and we'll feature you in Transmission!

Sandra wears her Triad Necklace as a wristband.

Got one? Send us a pic of you sporting the Triad Necklace on Twitter with the hashtag #TRIADnecklace. Get yours HERE.

Mars Tattoos

Check out Philis_Phase1's MARS tattoo!
Do YOU have a MARS-themed Tattoo? Submit your photo, name, and location to Thirty Seconds To Mars Tattoo Archive for a chance to be featured in the next installment of Transmission!

From the Official MARS Store
The Thirty Seconds to Mars winter scarf features MARS logo and Altum Arrow with white fringe. Scarf measures 7" wide by 5' long, and 100% acrylic. View full details and image enlargement by clicking here.

Triad Global Assault

ECHELON of Uruguay met up and got creative with their Triad group shots, including this hand-symbol rendition:
Triad Global Assault

Compose the Human Triad image with friends and fellow Echelon in high-traffic or populated areas. Stand, sit, or build a pyramid in a Triad formation. Get creative and submit your photos to the Triad Global Assault Page!
Avatar Art of the Week
Each week we showcase some of the best MARS-themed avatars on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. This week's avatar comes from @30STM_Fantatic, who is helping promote @VyRTnet and MARS MTV Unplugged!
Design your own avatars to promote voting or anything MARS related. You can also use or edit the avatars designed by @thisisthehive.

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Read of the Week
Open City
A haunting novel about identity, dislocation, and history, Teju Cole’s Open City is a profound work by an important new author who has much to say about our country and our world.
Movie of the Week
The Irony Lady
The Iron Lady, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, is a biographical British film about former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, portrayed primarily by Meryl Streep. The film takes place over 3 days in the life of Margaret Thatcher, and is narrated through a series of flashbacks, depicting an elderly Thatcher remembering moments that shaped her and the effect her political life has had on her, while clearing out her dead husband's belongings.
Album of the Week
Solid Gold - Synchronize
Synchronize is the new EP from electro-glam-rock act Solid Gold, featuring a cover of “Danger Zone”, the previously unreleased “One In A Million”, as well as the instrumental “Sharpshooter” and a remix from White Sea (Morgan Kibby of M83). 
Website of the Week
Eradicating Ecocide Eradicating Ecocide believes that love for people and planet comes first, encourage to have faith that we can help change the systems, to create a system that places caring as our primary aim, and that we can create a world of peace. A world full of compassion and love; a world that believes in the sacredness of life; a world where there is joy, courage and laughter. A world worth living in – for us and for future generations.


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