Tchat avec les 30 Seconds to Mars aujourd'hui à 18h !!!!

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Allez poser vos questions aux 30 Seconds To Mars grace à Myspace UK !! Attention il faudra les poser en anglais !
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Christophe martins 05/04/2010 02:09

are you kidding me ? a cover from that gay icône ! it's a joke ! she only do commercial fucking bad shit that whore! if you continue on that way , why don't you do a cover from madonna or britney
spears ! i think you ave lost your mind jarde if you do that ! 

or maybe it's the best way for you to do your coming out like Ricky Martin last week ! lol 

please don't do that ! it's a shame for rock'n'roll do even think about a thing like that !!!!!



an unhappy fan !