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Outside internet focus: Call/text/tweet in those radio stations for their daily countdowns!

Share the video and song with 5 people who have never heard it before.

Go to retail stores and put THIS IS WAR in the front of CD bins and displays. Draw the triad image on sidewalks and walls for a global assault.

Go to a park or heavy populated area and play “Closer To The Edge” on a boombox. Sing it loud with a bunch of friends.

Carry out this challenge through the weekend, and film and post for us to see!

Here are some prime stations to focus on:

Chicago Q101: q101.com
(312) 591-8300 / text: 99161

Milwaukee WLUM:

414.799.1021 / text: 95487

St Louis KPNT: kpnt.com
314.969.DUDE (3833)

Seattle The End: www.1077theend.com

Live 105 San Francisco:
1.800.696.1053 / text: 36105

91X San Diego: www.91x.com/

- http://kroq.radio.com/
(310) 520-1067 / text: 25767


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